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Linux For Dummies, 9th Edition

标签: Unix/Linux

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Linux For Dummies 9th Edition

Author: Richard Blum | Publisher: For Dummies | Date: 2009 | Format: pdf | Pages: 456 | Language: English | ISBN10: 0470467010

One of the fastest ways to learn Linux is with this perennial favorite

Eight previous top-selling editions of Linux For Dummies can't be wrong. If you've been wanting to migrate to Linux, this book is the best way to get there. Written in easy-to-follow, everyday terms, Linux For Dummies 9th Edition gets you started by concentrating on two distributions of Linux that beginners love: the Ubuntu LiveCD distribution and the gOS Linux distribution, which comes pre-installed on Everex computers. The book also covers the full Fedora distribution.

    * Linux is an open-source operating system and a low-cost or free alternative to Microsoft Windows; of numerous distributions of Linux, this book covers Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Core Linux, and gOS Linux, and includes them on the DVD.
    * Install new open source software via Synaptic or RPM package managers
    * Use free software to browse the Web, listen to music, read e-mail, edit photos, and even run Windows in a virtualized environment
    * Get acquainted with the Linux command line 

If you want to get a solid foundation in Linux, this popular, accessible book is for you.




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