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Linux System Administration, Second Edition

标签: Unix/Linux

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Linux System Administration Second Edition

Author: Vicki Stanfield, Roderick W. Smith | Publisher: Sybex | Date: 2002 | Format: chm | Pages: 656 | Language: English | ISBN10: 0782141382

Description:  A text showing the average reader how to install and configure Linux correctly, how to maximize Linux's output, how to keep the system from developing bugs by using sound maintenance techniques, how to implement a strategy for backing up data and retrieving lost data, and more.

Authoritative Answers to All Your Linux Questions

You can rely on the fully updated second edition of Linux System Administration for answers to all your questions about installing, configuring, and administering Linux. Written by two Linux experts, this book teaches you, step-by-step, all the standard and advanced techniques you need to know to set up and maintain a secure, effective Linux environment. Scores of clear, consistent examples illustrate these techniques in detail--so you stay on track and accomplish all your goals. Coverage includes:

* Installing a Linux server
* Setting up and maintaining user and group accounts
* Setting up Linux system security
* Sharing files using Samba and NFS
* Implementing a backup strategy
* Troubleshooting common Linux problems
* Setting up the X Window System
* Setting up TCP/IP and connecting to the Internet
* Setting up a mail server
* Maintaining filesystems and partitions
* Configuring printers
* Improving system performance
* Writing shell scripts
* Using Webmin for cross-distribution GUI administration

The Craig Hunt Linux Library provides in-depth, advanced coverage of the key topics for Linux administrators. Topics include Samba, Network Servers, DNS Server Administration, Apache, Security, and Sendmail. Each book in the series is either written by or meticulously reviewed by Craig Hunt to ensure the highest quality and most complete coverage for networking professionals working specifically in Linux environments.




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