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LinuxCBT Awk - Sed Edition

语言: English

标签: Unix/Linux

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LinuxCBT Awk Sed Edition

LinuxCBT Awk - Sed Edition

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LinuxCBT Scripting Edition - Awk & Sed - Module VI

Introduction - Features
Discuss course outline
Explore system configuration
Identify key systems to be used
Install the Bluefish graphical editor - Supports POSIX and PERL-compatible RegExes
Discuss features common and distinct to: Awk and Sed

Regular Expressions Review
Enumerate important metacharacters
Provide examples of quatinfier usage
Apply simple character classes to searches
Perform searches in the Bluefish editor using literals and metacharacters
Explain and apply anchors: '^', '$'

Intro to Sed - Stream Editor
Discuss features and applications
Explain general usage syntax
Print specific lines from input
Delete specific lines from input
Match streams using RegExes
Search for ranges of text using line numbers and text ranges
Save transformed output

Sed - Search & Replace
Discuss features and applications
Discuss Left-hand and Righ-hand side (LHS | RHS) sections in search & replace actions
Acquire input from: STDIN, PIPES and Files and transform according to criteria
Backup and overwrite source files using Sed one-liners
Perform substitutions based on matched addresses
Reuse matched strings in replacement output
Perform text substitutions across multiple files
Perform multiple replacements in one command
Apply substitutions globally across all matches

Sed - Scripts
Discuss features and applications
Explain general usage syntax
Create script to remove blank lines from input stream
Create script to make general substitutions
Perform case-insensitive replacements via Sed script
Insert strings into desried location in the input stream via Sed script
Strip trailing numeric values from input stream via Sed script
Apply changes to multiple files
Save scripts for reuse

Intro to Awk - Field Processor & Reporter
Discuss features and benefits
Explain general usage syntax
Print full lines from input
Print desired fields from input
Match patterns using RegExes
Control the input field | column delimiters
Save output

Awk - Scripts
Discuss features and benefits
Explain structure of Awk scripts
Implement BEGIN and END blocks
Parse system files using Awk script

Awk - Variables
Discuss features and applications
Enumerate and discuss key Awk system variables
Increment counters based on matched patterns using Awk
Explain variable concatenation
Explore arrays (lists of values)
Create arrays using the split function

Awk - Operators
Discuss features and applications
Explore Boolean and Relational operators
Discuss looping strategies
Evaluate conditional testing using system variables
Evaluate results

Awk - Process Records
Discuss features and benefits
Define and evaluate multiple input field separators with files with mixed delimiters
Normalize output by controlling the Output Field Separator (OFS)
Extract records from system file and evaluated
Account for number of processed and matched records in END block

Awk - Print Formatting
Discuss features and applications
Compare and contrast 'print' and 'printf' output formatting
Discuss 'printf' supported data types
Evaluate 'printf' application in reporting

Awk & Sed - Various Examples
Discuss features and applications
Parse and cleanup HTML and PHP files with Sed & Awk
Replace values in system file with Awk
Evaluate results

Awk & Sed - Win32
Discuss features and benefits
Download and install Awk & Sed for Win32
Transfer Linux files to Windows
Test various parsing and substitution on Linux files
Evaluate results

Sed - File Name Transformations - Batch
Enumerate poorly-named files for transformation
Identify key replacement strings for regular expressions match
Define and apply regular expressions for transformations
Transform prefixes and suffixes
Evaluate results

Awk - E-Mail Address Parsing
Generate sample data set
Define regular expressions patterns for transformation
Transform sample data
Evaluate results

LinuxCBT Awk Sed Edition




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