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LinuxCBT - Dean Davis - Nagios Monitoring Administration [15 WebRip (MP4)]

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LinuxCBT - Dean Davis - Nagios Monitoring Administration [15 WebRip (MP4)]
English | Size: 1.41 GB
Category:Computer Science

This is an 8-hour e-learning course on monitoring with Nagios.

Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.

First launched in 1999, Nagios has grown to include thousands of projects developed by the worldwide Nagios community. Nagios is officially sponsored by Nagios Enterprises, which supports the community in a number of different ways through sales of its commercial products and services.

Nagios monitors your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. In the event of a failure, Nagios can alert technical staff of the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers. With Nagios you'll never be left having to explain why an unseen infrastructure outage hurt your organization's bottom line.

About the author:

Dean Davis, CISSP
CEO & Chief Instructor
Dean is the founder of He authors and delivers the content.

His primary role involves research and delivery.

Education and Certifications:

CCSP | CISSP | Linux+
MS in Information Systems
University of Phoenix
BS in Business & Finance
Computer Science
Brooklyn College

What you will learn from this video course:

Introduction - Nagios - Features
Discuss Key Nagios Features
Enumerate and discuss related applications
Prepare systems for usage
Installation of Nagios and related Plugins
Explore Nagios Configuration containers and files
Discuss Key directives
Prepare for systems monitoring

ICMP Monitoring of Targets
Discuss applications
Explore related Plugins
Peruse default inherited objects
Define Target objects
Explore Configuration via Web Interface
Monitor additional Hosts

TCP | UDP Monitoring of Targets
Discuss features and benefits
Contrast with ICMP Monitoring
Define TCP | UDP Monitors for pre-defined targets
Explore service accessibility
Evaluate results

Linux Systems Monitoring with NRPE
Discuss applicability of Plugin
Explore locally-derived metrics
Install and Configure NRPE Client
Install and Configure NRPE Server
Extract metrics accordingly
Evaluate results

Linux Systems Monitoring with SSH
Discuss limitations
Contrast with NRPE
Configure Monitor
Evaluate accordingly

Custom Monitoring - PHP | MySQL
Discuss applicabilitiy
Explain Nagios state conditions
Author custom script to confirm connectivity
Break connectivity accordingly and debug

object Groups
Explain framework and applicability
Correlate object Groups with CGI
Define Contact Groups
Define Host Groups
Assign Services accordingly
Evaluate results

Notifications Engine | Logic
Discuss functionality
Explain logical checks
Break services and evaluate response
Evaluate typical Nagios responses

External Commands
Discuss features and benefits
Enable External Commands
Disable Notifications accordingly
Disable Flap Detection
Generate Custom Messages
Schedule System Downtime
Disable Nagios-wide Options
Correlate CGI to Nagios functionality

Event Handlers
Discuss Applicability and Logic
Discuss Nagios Macros
Examine Configuration Defaults
Define Custom Command
Create SQLite DB to contain Events
Author $SHELL script to handle events
Test accordingly
Move $SHELL script into Event Handling framework
Evaluate results

Host | Service Dependencies
Explain features and applicability
Monitor MySQL services on Remote Host
Create Dependency between services
Trigger appropriate conditions
Evaluate Service Dependency relationship
Define Host Dependency
Evaluate accordingly

Windows Server Monitoring
Discuss possibilities and features
Install Windows agent
Explore related Nagios Plugin
Test Connectivity and Information Gathering
Customize Nagios Queries
Define Target Windows Host
Gather Data accordingly
Evaluate configuration shifts

Miscellaneous Monitoring
Explore various Plugins
Ascertain SWAP Status
Determine availability of DHCP Services
Configure External ISP Connectivity check
Check DNS Server responses
Confirm existence of DNS Records
Contrast checks with 'dig'
Check MySQL availability
Confirm specific DB response
Ensure appropriate execution of Queries
Evaluate results

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